Product Categories

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In-Store Demo & Promoter Display

Our entry level range contains elements that are purpose designed and built for the in-store retail promotional environment and their very specific requirements. All elements are designed with ease of use, functionality, afford-ability, ease of transport and installation being the key deliverable’s.

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In-Store Retail Display & Product Merchandising

The range herein represents an array oof both standard format as well as customs retail display solutions for the presentation and safe of merchandise in-store, from counter top solutions through to aesthetic retail upliftment and large format FSU’s

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Brand Activation & Experiential Equipment

This range represents our choice of authentic display elements that are purpose designed for larger applications. The elements shown are both standard and custom solutions that are developed to provide a specific aesthetic and to function within a certain application whilst retaining co-effectiveness, durability and easy to use.

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Promotional Shades, Flags & Umbrella’s

This catalogue represents our range of generic branding elements traditionally used for outdoors for events, expos, sports branding etc.

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Style Tech Architectural Display System

Rocket Creatives proprietary and innovatively engineered display system is aesthetically and functionally unrivaled. The system delivers a component format, aluminium display and presentation systems for discerning and prominent brands and businesses.

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Bespoke Mall Activation & Expo Portfolio

The portfolio of images herein represents the creative solutions and executions for key clients in the mall activation and expo environments. Every project herein is non-standard as well as brief and budget parameter specific.

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