FSU Solutions / Metal Fabrication / Bespoke

When we opt to manufacture an FSU display from steel, there are a few reasons why this is done.

They can be built in a lightweight format that provides a good strength versus weight ratio, and these can be customised to an unlimited degree. Entry-level, lightweight structures provide an ideal skeleton to mount all types of graphic claddings and other functional elements such as product pegs, height-adjustable shelves, etc.

They can also be designed in a more heavy-duty format to be very load-bearing, to support the weight of heavier display products, such as motor oils, hardware, etc.

Lastly, they may be designed in metal to provide an ultra-durable, long-life solution for an extended ROI

For higher budget availability, more elaborate solutions are possible, fully customised to exacting specifications. All structural loading requirements are dictated by display the Sku’s size and weight, as well as the required stock holding volume. Aesthetic treatments are then added, such as any printed element, vacuum-formed shaped panels, audio-visual elements, and LED lighting, if required.

Due to the nature of certain more technical production methods, as in vacuum-formed elements where molds are necessary, specific minimum order quantities are required to make them a viable proposition.

All examples shown are of bespoke applications that are brief specific, based on size, aesthetic specifications, and budget availability.

All unit pricing is based on size, specifications, and projected order volumes – P.O.A